By Dan Luehrs


 And the armies in the heaven were following him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen — white and pure. Rev 19:14 (YLT)

To have armies in heaven sounds a bit contradictory, when I think of heaven I certainly do not think of an army wanting to destroy the enemy. But this is God’s heaven and not our wishful thinking heaven with a cloud nine and harps for everyone who enters. In our Lord’s heaven, He has a new bride preparing to mount her white horse for the last battle of the ages. He is training all His overcomers who are called and faithful to ride with Him into battle on a white horse [the Holy Spirit’s power] to defeat the enemy of all mankind. Soon the immortal ones of God are coming upon the earth to defeat the man of sin that is alive in every human heart according to the words of Jesus. (See Mark 7:23). We then will be changed into His likeness and glory because we will have defeated sin in our bodies through the power of His manifest presence.

Spiritual giants are now being released in the earth to help us along our way into the fullness of God. These men and women have spent much time alone in God’s presence to prepare themselves and us with the power of His word and presence. Look for great anointed people to come on to the stage of life and take heed to their words because God is speaking through them to prepare us for what is coming next. Jesus is about to be revealed through the spirit of Elijah, Jonah and a John the Baptist anointing bring the church to repentance.

For as long as I can remember I have wondered what the coming of Jesus is going to look like for those who are looking and watching for Him. I have had a little revelation as to how He will come in great power and glory. First He will destroy all the works of the enemy in His people, then He will destroy the works of the devil in the whole earth through His people. We see this battle ever increasing daily in mankind and it seems like the light is losing against the darkness. But this is not so, for darkness can never prevail over the light, even though it seems like it does for a time. So take courage my friend!


Even in our own time it seems as if God allows darkness to prevail at times when we cry out to Him for healing or deliverance of something that is troubling us, yet no freedom comes. At these times we may want to give up on praying and petitioning God, but I have found that God uses all these things to help and strengthen us for a bigger battle ahead to win. God wastes nothing! 

When the manifest presence of Jesus comes in and upon our lives He will give us the grace to overcome all the works of the devil. The battle is long and hard, yet His grace is greater than any weaknesses we may have. Read the words Paul the apostle in his time of weakness.

Concerning this I implored the Lord three times that it might leave me. And He has said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness." Most gladly, therefore, I will rather boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may dwell in me. Therefore I am well content with weaknesses, with insults, with distresses, with persecutions, with difficulties, for Christ's sake; for when I am weak, then I am strong. 2 Cor 12:8-10 (NASU)

Did you read that? Paul was content and glad to have weaknesses! Do we not assume we are to be perfected in Christ having no weaknesses of the flesh? Paul was excited because in those very times of weakness he could look forward to the power of the Holy Spirit to come upon Him to strengthen him and to fellowship with God’s presence. It will be the glorious presence of Jesus that will deliver us from our fallen nature who is called the man of sin or the sin of man, which lives within every person and every believer. We battle him daily in our own heart! Can you deny this? This is where the battle is and this is where it will be won in the hearts of every follower of Jesus. How is the battle going for your heart, are you winning or losing? The battle is hard fought over how much territory we will give to God or the enemy who wants us to give into our own flesh rather than God’s will.

I have got great news for you, the war has already been won when Jesus died on the cross and arose from the grave. All that we have been going through has only been a time of training and testing for us to learn warfare. That’s good news! But soon the last battle is about to rage where no prisoners will be taken or in other words, every enemy of our Lord that is alive in our hearts is going to be conquered and defeated by the coming of the Lord’s glorious presence in and upon our lives. As long as we do not quit and give into discouragement, doubt, shame, and guilt we will win. For the blood of Jesus cleanses us from all sin, not just some sins. God’s grace is His power to overcome sin through the manifested presence of God [the Holy Spirit] upon our lives, which is His love. This is a tangible presence that He is now pouring out upon us and we must be willing participants with the Holy Spirit if we are going to be victorious. Remember He is our helper and not doer.

Many Christians believe that when the Lord comes He is just going to snap His fingers and we are going to be changed into His likeness. Yes our bodies will be changed into the likeness of His glorious body, but not our character, that is only changed by our experiences on the battle field of life. Where we are at in this battle shows where we are at in our likeness to Jesus. Does anger, bitterness, lust, greed, and all the other works of the flesh still have a place in us? Or do we mostly walk in the fruit of the Spirit, love, joy, peace, etc. What controls our daily attitudes and motives in life is where we are at in our likeness to Jesus. Yes we all have fleshly habits in our life from our upbringing, but this is no excuse for our weaknesses because God is giving His grace to overcome them. I believe Christian perfectness is only found in those who go to Christ every day to seek Him through His cleansing blood and forgiveness of the cross. This is where we are renewed in His presence and where the life of God can flow into us and we receive His strength to walk in the newness of His life giving power.

God knows the battle is hard and heavy in these last days, but help is on the way with the coming of His glorious presence being manifested in our lives in a way the world and the church has never seen or dreamed of. Peter foresaw this two thousand years ago when he wrote, “Therefore, prepare your minds for action, keep sober in spirit, fix your hope completely on the grace to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ” 1 Peter 1:13 (NASU). Peter tells us to fix our great expectation on the manifestation of Jesus’ presence in the form of GRACE upon our lives. God has promised greater grace [power] and glory for these end times because we are going to need it. God will deliver on His promise to His chosen bride for His Son’s sake or we simply cannot make it through these times we live in. Seek Him for the greater revelation of Jesus Christ in your heart today.

“Looking for the blessed hope and the appearing of the glory [Shekinah] of our great God and Savior, Christ Jesus” Titus 2:13 (NASU).

This blessed HOPE is the GRACE that comes with His presence, which is the Shekinah glory of our God manifesting Himself in and through us with power to live godly in this fallen world. We must have great expectation of what God is going to do in these dark days in us, so that we will receive His great grace to make it through without quitting. In these hard days that we are living in, we are being prepared to graduate into His marvelous likeness!


“And we ask you, brethren, in regard to the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ, and of our gathering together unto him, that ye be not quickly shaken in mind, nor be troubled, neither through spirit, neither through word, neither through letters as through us, as that the day of Christ hath arrived; let not any one deceive you in any manner, because — if the falling away may not come first, and the man of sin be revealed — the son of the destruction, who is opposing and is raising himself up above all called God or worshipped, so that he in the sanctuary of God as God hath sat down, shewing himself off that he is God — [the day doth not come]. Do ye not remember that, being yet with you, these things I said to you? and now, what is keeping down ye have known, for his being revealed in his own time, for the secret of the lawlessness doth already work, only he who is keeping down now [will hinder] — till he may be out of the way, and then shall be revealed the Lawless One, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the manifestation of his presence.” 2 Thess 2:1-8 (YLT)

Please read carefully the first and last sentence of what Paul is writing about, “In regard to the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ.” – “Shall destroy with the manifestation of his presence.” Do you see how vital it is for us to be people of His presence? This is why Satan fights the presence of the Lord manifesting in the church, just wanting us to have a nice religious service without any moving of the Holy Spirit whatsoever! But it’s not good enough to just have a nice church service, we should be seeking a fresh move of the Holy Spirit in church and daily in our own lives until we are changed into His likeness. This is why the devil tries to stop God’s Spirit filled people every chance he can by keeping them busy with no time to just soak in God’s presence. If we want to be overcomers in this life we will not do it without the manifestation of God’s presence upon our life. 

The gloves are off as we battle hand to hand combat with the enemy of our souls. The man of sin is raging in us to have his way in the temple of God. But God will not have a temple with two lords or two kings because there is only one true King that will reign in the heart of man, to change the heart man, Who is Christ Jesus.


And I saw the beast, and the kings of the earth, and their armies, having been gathered together to make war with him who is sitting upon the horse, and with his army. Rev 19:19 (YLT)

Two armies have now been gathered together, one righteous and holy, the other wicked and unholy. All the works of the flesh in mankind are out to destroy God’s army which is riding upon the white horses. The attacks that are coming from the godless are only increasing until there is a persecution madness that will go through the land to prepare the overcomers for the glorious victory that is just ahead. Nothing and nobody, no demon or devil will be able to overcome the King of Kings and His army because they are covered in the grace of God to defeat the evil powers there be, until all evil is stamped out throughout the earth. This may take the whole one thousand year reign of Christ to do it, but be assured that righteousness will reign one day on the earth through the sons of God.

"And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life even when faced with death.” Rev 12:11 (NASU)

We overcome evil by:

1.     The blood. Knowing that our sins have been forgiven throughout our whole life-time because we refuse to live in the sin and shame of the past.

2.     The Word of The Testimony. This is the living [Rhema] word of God in our heart that overcomes the enemy. We fight with the sword of the spirit! The Testimony is another name for the Ark of the Covenant that God had Moses build to represent the presence of God in the midst of His people to protect them. The Word is now hidden inside of us who is the true Testimony of His presence.

3.     Not loving our lives unto death. We do not love our own will and sin that God has set us free from. When we are so much in love with Jesus we chose to die to sin so that we can draw closer to His heart and see Him face to face unveiled.

But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as from the Lord, the Spirit. 2 Cor 3:18 (NASU)

One night after meeting with the brethren I decided to linger in the presence of the Lord a little longer. I received a vision that I was a bride with a veil over my face. Then Jesus took the veil and pulled it up and back over my head. He then said, “You will now be able to see Me better in My bride. [Meaning, His church]. I have often wondered why a bride wore a veil and now I know. In the spirit we all wear veils, meaning sin and selfishness that we hide behind, it is veiling the Master from us. The veil hides us from seeing the Lord in His people where He is now on earth. We must continually look for Him in one another and honor Him.

The Lord has given to us His crown of glory, which is His grace and glory that the Father has bestowed upon Him. “[It was] to this end that He called you through our Gospel, so that you may obtain and share in the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ (the Messiah).” 2 Thess 2:14 (AMP)

She wisdom (who is the Lord Jesus Christ) will give your head a garland of grace, bestow on you a crown of glory. Prov 4:9 (CJB) Italics mine

The Lord has promised to all overcomers His grace and glory. What do we lack in this great warfare that we find ourselves in? Nothing! Jesus has withheld nothing from us so that we may win this last battle of the ages. The manifestation or the revelation of His presence is with us at all times and is going to become much stronger so that we will overcome the power of the enemy in all areas of our lives. We must be seeking God for a greater revelation of His grace [power] if we are going to be more than a conqueror in these times that we are living in. There is coming a new full revelation of Jesus that will be so bright that it will destroy all the works of darkness in us. Believe it! Oh yes the enemy of our souls will give us every excuse for why we cannot make it through these times because we are weak in the flesh. But God is in us and He is more powerful than all our enemies put together! Do we have more faith in devil to defeat us than we have that God is able to keep us in these times that we are living in? My faith is in God! Even if we fall a thousand times the blood of Jesus will lift us up as we repent and turn to Him. Never, never, never give into your feelings of quitting or giving in to your sin because you are an overcomer in Jesus!

Listen to the heart of a great overcomer King David.


David was a great lover of God, but he was also a great sinner! Yet he always saw the Lord in his presence and he was never shaken or forsaken by God despite all his sin because he repented before God and knew that God would never leave him because of God’s great love for him. Read David’s word again, “YOU HAVE MADE KNOWN TO ME THE WAYS OF LIFE; YOU WILL MAKE ME FULL OF GLADNESS WITH YOUR PRESENCE.” Please hear this, David knew that the path of life was the presence of God in his daily life and everything else would be death to his spirit-man. We should also know this great truth of His presence in our own life if we are going to stay on the path of life, so that we can stay out of the ditch of death.

Three times it is written in Psalm’s 80:3, 7, 19, (NASU). “O God, restore us and cause Your face to shine upon us, and we will be saved.” (The word [face] means presence). We His people will only be delivered by His powerful presence in our life, nothing can come against Him and win! Our deliverance from the power of the flesh will only come to us through the presence of God in our life. Depending on how much we are staying filled with God’s presence daily, so will our victory be. For therein will our victory be found over oppression and depression. David said, therefore will his heart be glad with hope in His presence! When we are in someone’s face we are in their presence and God wants us to know that we can always beholding His face wherever we are or whatever we are doing.

Seek to stay filled with His presence and you will be ready to say, “Yes, Lord I will ride with You!”

Dan Luehrs

PO Box 341

Intercession City, FL 33848