From Jane Leade 1683

Interpretation by Dan Luehrs


"And when the seven peals of thunder had spoken, I was about to write; and I heard a voice from heaven saying, "Seal up the things which the seven peals of thunder have spoken, and do not write them" (Revelation 10:4).


In 1999, I was in Africa on a missions trip. I was reading Revelation 10:1-4, and when I read verse 4, I said to the Lord, "Tell me what these seven thunders said?" I knew that they would have to agree with all of Scripture in order to be truth. Until that day, I do not ever remember reading about these seven thunders and wondering what they said. A few weeks after this, I came home and found Jane Leade's teachings on the Internet. The seven seals and the seven thunders teaching jumped out at me. I knew that God had prepared me ahead of time, so that I would be ready to receive the teachings.


Jane Leade (1624 ó 1704) was born and brought up in Norfolk, England in a moral family. Of her early life little is recorded, except for a profound spiritual experience which came to her at the age fifteen, while dancing at a Christmas Eve party. Without any warning she heard the voice of the Holy Spirit saying to her, "Cease from this, I have another dance to lead thee in, for this is vanity." This sudden experience of the Spirit affected her very deeply. In time, she began to relate positively to this experience, and undertook to search out the things of God.


††††† This chapter records Jane Leade's revelations of the seven thunders in the book of Revelation followed by my interpretations of them. Due to the fact that she wrote in 17th century English vernacular, patience is required while reading to understand her writings.






Now follows another great mystery which I was called upon to look into concerning the Seventh Seal, wherein lies hid the reward and rich price, which though not yet given in possession, yet the Holy One hath seen it expedient to reveal it by breathing forth this word in me saying, "Come thou apart and sanctify a fast, touching nothing of the leaven which is found in the house of fallen nature. Abstain from any other cup but what I, the Anointed, shall fill unto thee from the burning sea of glass which will be a lamp to give light and perfect knowledge in the most hidden things that everlasting Wisdom hath hitherto sealed up."


For to you who are come to the Sixth Seal and to your burning elements in the heat of that melting furnace, these further secrets are disclosed for the consolation of you who shall hold out in this last battle race for conquest. Therefore, put on your life-armor day by day and continue in the fight for joy of that which is now revealed as your reward, taking all care to abstain from the leaven of imaginations which may stop the stream of revelation in its purity. The empty bowl with light burning oil began to come in and became a rising spring which did give light to the dark socket of my understanding within. The first thing that was shown me was an open book written within and every one of the Seven Seals broken. It was in the hand of the Godhead man who said,

†† "Come and read what the seven wonders which my faithful witness did declare of in his day of revelation, which were therein to be sealed up because the day of their fulfilling was so far off."

†† But now in this present time, there hath been such a fervent heat of flaming intercession, which hath made all these Seals to melt away, that the secrets contained in the book might be opened and made known. This Living Book, which was presented to my view to read, was the glorified person of the Lord Jesus who did now appear to reveal what was sealed up in the Seven Thunders. His presence was not terrible as appearing under the veil of pure humanity where He hides me as in the clefts of His own spiritual body whilst He talketh with me. He thus said,

†† "Thou art come to a deep knowledge, for here the greatest good and highest Being stands unsealed to the introverted eye of thy spirit that can enter into the light of eternity where the looking glass of all mysteries does stand open."


Now the cry of the First Thunder was this,

†† "Behold! How the six day creation is come to its limit and man ceaseth to be, being returned to the eternity of his own spirit, there to rest in God while the number of the Beast is summed up and his kingdom finished with the ordinances of day and night which takes place in this changeable element from whence the craft and subtilty of reason doth arise to uphold and maintain the lapsed earthly life."


Interpretation of the First Thunder:

Six thousand years have come and gone, and manís time to live in sin is up! Even as in Noahís time, six hundred years were completed. For the time has come for the seventh thousand year of Godís rest to be fulfilled. Satanís reign is up! The time of man's reasoning and analyzing is now over.


All which there will be no further need of, according to what the Second Thunder doth utter. The Second Thunder uttered as follows,

"Come and see who out of the bed of passive stillness do now arise and come forth all new and immortalized to rule as God's in an immutable creation. These are they who have been exercised in great tribulation and lain as dead under the Seals but they are come to live and take the Lamb's power to reign in God's omnipotence which is the only instrument they shall play upon to subdue all inwardly and outwardly. For they are now put in commission under Him who is come to judge the quick and dead and to remove all things wherein the serpent's brood hath been nourished."


Interpretation of the Second Thunder:

There arise a people that have been previously hidden from the Church and world, for all to see the mighty power of God through. These are the ones who have come through great personal trials and tribulations. They have laid, as dead to themselves, under the hand and will of God. For now, they are put into His service, who is to judge the living and dead and to remove all of Satanís seed of sin from the earth.


The cry of the Third Thunder is this,

†† "Ho! Come ye whose names are written in the Lamb's Book of Life. The way is all cleared and the great river Euphrates ("Euphrates is known to be the great head or stream of reasoning, has become the channel of the strength and wealth of great Babylon; while Gihon, or the Nile, the channel of knowledge through the senses, is the river of Egypt, from which we are redeemed)." is dried up to give passage into the Holy Land where the Tree of Life shall meet you with its flowing fruits whose savor leaves a perpetual sweetness and such a strength of joy as will make you know the feast of tabernacles is come indeed with God alone to celebrate and keep. The walls are all ranged with seraphim that are appointed for your guard to usher you into a higher sphere and more magnificent place than that which was the seat of the first Paradisiacal man, where you are to make but your forty days stay. For a higher orb doth descend as a cloud to take up the elders that have their throne seats prepared in the great Jerusalem city, which is the settled rest where no more removing is feared, for there is an indissoluble link all fixed in a cooperating power which never ceases."


Interpretation of the Third Thunder:

Come, you who have prepared themselves for battle against the enemy. Your self-reasoning is now cleared away from your minds and this gives you free passage into the great works of God. Now has come the Feast of Tabernacles (the fullness of Godís Spirit in man). The angels are standing ready to bring you higher into the things of God, even more than Adam and Eve had. For this realm has been your testing ground, to be counted worthy to reign with Jesus. The higher order does now come down to take up the sons of God to their authority in the third heaven with Jesus which never ends, going on forever and ever.

†† The Fourth Thunder opened thus unto me by way of vision. I saw seven golden candlesticks branched out from a stud of gold and each socket appeared empty. There came one in the appearance of a jasper light and poured in some sparkling liquor, and there arose a shining burning which sent forth flakes of light very numerous, running up and down like lightning so as nothing could contain them nor prevent them from going whither they would. Then was it cried in my hearing,

†† "What hast thou seen? The great wonder of the Fourth Thunder disclosing the fiery lamps that are appointed to be fixed in a renewed nature, which are so empowering that on whomsoever they rest, they may act and do whatsoever they will to them. For the concord of these seven spirits is of that force as they can save or destroy, bind or loose. They are the seven proper powers that must discern who are God's co-deified ones commissioned to act in this last scene of wonders, in the wonder city that shall be all compacted of pure spirits. Hear and see that ye shall be planted there as the great cannons. For these powers will multiply as a great host which can cut off this visible world at one stroke. This is the great reserve to be given as a reward to the suffering conquerors."


Interpretation of the Fourth Thunder:

The time has now come for the ministers of flames of fire to come forth in great power and authority, as Moses and Elijah. These are these are the ones John wrote about in Revelation 11:4-12; for nothing can stop them, until their prophesying is finished. Their powers will only grow greater and greater, for this is the great reward given to these suffering conquerors.




†† The Fifth Thunder cried,

†† "Now unseal the Tabernacle testimony. Let the eternal gospel of love and peace go forth in the cloven tongue which alone can speak out what springs from the original law of restored nature in its primary purity, that is,
out of the fountain of the Deity. Behold, these are the separated and anointed ones who have this gospel dispensation as a perpetual rising spring, proceeding from the Holy Spirit who can indeed absolve and pronounce remission of sins. For power will rest upon those who can convey the New Testament blood to heal and deliver from the infective root of sin. Not in a painted, formal imitation, but there shall go forth a fire-breath to send this healing gospel into the very center-root of the sick and sorrowful in spirits, who, under the wound of sin have laid long for cure. To which true royalty and priesthood, some shall be more eminently ordained for the gathering in of those who lie under the Babylonish rubbish, who shall be raised through the out-going might of the everlasting testimony in the blood of the Lamb's life, which is the known character that shall be given only to them."


Interpretation of the Fifth Thunder:

Now reveal the sons of God, Romans 8:19, and let the gospel be preached in all the earth, to every tribe and tongue from the very heart of God the Father. These are the called and anointed ones, for this time in history, to go forth in increasing power and authority to deliver people from the powers of sin and cleanse them of sin. From these shall go forth the fire baptism that will cleanse and heal the people from the wound of sin. They shall come forth in highest authority to gather those in bondage to sin. These ministers of fire will come forth in the life of Jesus Christ, which is the name and character that shall be given only to them. (See Rev. 14:1).


The declaration of the Sixth Thunder was thus represented to me,

†† "I saw one holding forth a sapphire signet, or sealing stone with which were to be marked all the freeborn that do belong to the New Jerusalem, for none but such as are marked can have right to the vast riches which are concentrated in wisdom's bank, who to this day hath locked up the bride's dowry and will not part with it till she can come with this Seal upon her heart, which is now brought out to put the highest impress of sapphire glory and purity that may signify that the Lamb's bride is all thus dignified. Oh! Who shall henceforth detain those riches, wealth and honors which have been treasured up from before the foundation of the world? For all must now be given up to her command, whether it be in heaven or earth or in the glassy sea, whether in heights or in depth or in any of the eternal spheres. The sealing name is everywhere the authority that must set all open which hath been locked up hitherto, because none could bring along with them the Seal, which is now freely brought down of God's own engraving and therefore can never be counterfeited. It bears the Holy portraiture of the Father, Son and Spirit, to whom all right power and glory are given."


Interpretation of the Sixth Thunder:

Now one came forth with the seal of God, found in Revelation 7:3, to place it on the foreheads the sons of God. Only those that are marked can receive of the vast riches of Godís wisdom, which has been locked up until those sealed can claim it. OH! Who will claim these great treasures that have been stored up since the foundation of the world? For now, all this must be given to them. The sealing name of Godís authority is given to them and they will have His authority as His sons everywhere. No one could mark themselves with the seal of God as they have it, for it cannot be duplicated by anyone. The seal itself is the likeness of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, to whom all right, power, and glory are given.

†† The Seventh Thunder comes in great power to declare the great day of the marriage feast of the Lamb.

†† "The fountains run now with that spirit-wine that was in the
grape before all time. The choice and precious fruits ripened by the serene and pure elements are prepared, and the table is covered with all replenishments that God Himself can set out to express the contentment and joy He takes to see this consummating day wherein Isaac hath brought home his Rebecca into God the Father's and Jerusalem's glory, where henceforth, a perpetual feast of joy is forever to be kept. Angels! Now sound your trumpet songs, because the harvest is reaped and God's kingdom come! The Lamb and Bride now are met to maintain a living frame in another creation. The redemption is finished -- salvation is witnessed -- the mystery of God is unsealed. The harpers are summoned to the holy choir with their sounds and fiery tongues that may proclaim the Lamb hath given up the kingdom consisting of perfect Spirits, that God alone may be the top covering of great majesty, strength, wisdom and glory in and over all the inhabitants of this holy city which beareth this Name. The almighty creating power dwelleth and taketh up His abode here."


Interpretation of the Seventh Thunder:

The flowing of new wine of the Spirit now runs continuously to those prepared. God has now placed the meat of His word on the table Himself for those to eat and drink with Him forever! For He has waited long for this wedding day, a day of great joy! The angels now sing for joy, because the great harvest has come in and the Kingdom of God has come to the earth in fullness. Full salvation has come to the sons of men and mystery of the hope of glory has come. Now Jesus has delivered up the Kingdom of God to the Father (1 Corinthians 15:24).


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