By Dan Luehrs



"For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God." -- "Because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God. For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now" (Romans 8: 19,21,22 KJV).


God's deliverers are coming! They are coming like a mighty army to set all men and creation free from the bondage of sin and death; for all creation is groaning to be freed from the curse of sin. No longer will man have to fear man. No longer will the animals have to sit and be watchful of their predators in fear of being harmed. Isaiah 65:25 will actually come to pass; "The wolf and the lamb shall graze together." One day there will be peace in the earth because there will be peace on the inside of man, The Lamb of God within man and the beast nature within man will lay down together in peace! But until this day comes to pass there will be wars and rumors of wars in the earth because people are at war within themselves! The flesh wars against the Spirit continually. When there is peace within the heart of man, there will be peace in the earth. When Jesus comes to conquer every man, there will be peace in the earth. This is when He comes to set up His kingdom within the hearts of all people. We are truly living in an exciting time in the history of mankind!


I believe that America, in part, has been and is a forerunner to the coming deliverers of peace in the earth. What do I mean by this? Whenever America has gone to war, it has been for the purpose of setting other people free from oppressive governments. Think about it. The Revolutionary War was about freedom from Britain's tyranny, just as the Civil War was to set the black man free from slavery. World War I and II were about freeing people from oppression also. In fact, the American soldiers were called, "The American liberators!" In recent years, America has gone to war with Iraq to free the Kuwaiti people and to free the Afghanistan's from the Taliban religious leaders. I am not saying that America is always right in what they do, or that it is always God's prefect will in what they are doing, only that they stand for the freedom of mankind! In the hearts of many people around the world, America stands for freedom. So also will the kingdom of God be to all peoples and nations one day, but much, much more! Not only will the kingdom of God set all people free from oppressive governments, but when the sons of God have been fully manifested, Jesus will set all people free from the bondage of all sin and death. "Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty!" The Spirit of the Lord will fully reign in all people one day, and when the Spirit of the Lord is fully manifested, there will be no sin, no sickness, or death at all! Hallelujah!


"Let the saints rejoice in this honor and sing for joy on their beds. May the praise of God be in their mouths and a double-edged sword (the Word) in their hands, to inflict vengeance on the nations and punishment on the peoples, to bind their kings (the man of sin) with fetters, their nobles with shackles of iron, to carry out the sentence written against them. This is the glory (honor) of all His saints. Praise the LORD" (Psalms 149:5-9 NIV).


The sons of God are foreordained to rule and reign on the earth; this is God's eternal decree. "But the saints of the Highest One will receive the kingdom and possess the kingdom forever, for all ages to come" (Daniel 7:18 NASB). But for this to happen, we must first be called, chosen, and faithful. Salvation is a free gift to everyone who will receive it. But for us to receive the inheritance of the kingdom, we first must be faithful servants. What king in the world would give the authority of his kingdom to anyone that did not prove his faithfulness first? Yes, our testings and trials are hard right now, but they are not in vain; there is a purpose to it all, there is a Master Designer of our lives. His will and purpose is being done right NOW in our daily lives. Even as the earth and the universe have an order to them, so do our lives! The problem with us is that the plan of God is far too vast for our minds to comprehend. Like the universe, we can in no way understand it! God's ways are tried and true and His will can be trusted, as we see His faithfulness every day with the rising of the sun.


I am convinced that God allows this sinful world to go on because over the ages He has not found enough faithful people in the earth to fulfill His purposes. But when He does find them He will send Jesus back with them to establish His kingdom within the hearts of all men. "Do not harm the earth or the sea or the trees, until we have sealed the bond-servants of our God on their foreheads. And I heard the number of those who were sealed, one hundred and forty-four thousand sealed from every tribe of the sons of Israel" (Revelation 7:3-4 NASB). God has a quota to fill and the number He is looking for is one hundred and forty-four thousand faithful ones. Whether this is a literal number or not, I do not know. All I know is, this world will go on until God finds His faithful sons, His precious fruit of the earth! It will be as it was in the days of Othniel, "And when the children of Israel cried unto the LORD, the LORD raised up a deliverer to the children of Israel, who delivered them, even Othniel (meaning, mighty force of God) the son of Kenaz, Caleb's younger brother. And the spirit of the LORD came upon him, and he judged Israel, and went out to war: and the LORD delivered Chushanrishathaim king of Mesopotamia into his hand; and his hand prevailed against Chushanrishathaim (meaning, double wickedness)" (Judges 3:9-10 KJV). The man of sin in us is the man of "double wickedness" that we all need deliverance from! The "mighty force of God" (His sons) will prevail over him as did Othniel.


"And the armies which are in heaven, clothed in fine linen, white and clean, were following Him on white horses" (Revelation 19:14 NASB). Our mighty Deliverer, Jesus, is about to be released from heaven, riding His white horse. Those who are like Him will help Him deliver mankind from this man of sin that has plagued mankind ever since the fall in the garden. No one physical man is the man of sin, but the evil one that lives within the heart of every human that has ever been born. This untamable beast in man will finally be slain by the Man of peace riding on the white horse into the heart of every man. Peace will then rule in the heart of every person. Hallelujah! Ephesians 2:14-16 will have come to pass:


"For he himself is our peace, who has made the two one (the man of sin and Jesus) and has destroyed the barrier (of sin), the dividing wall of hostility, by abolishing in his flesh the law with its commandments and regulations. His purpose was to create in himself one new man out of the two, thus making peace, and in this one body to reconcile both of them to God through the cross, by which he put to death their hostility."


Moses had a particular calling on him, the calling of a deliverer. His preparation was forty years in the wilderness after he had refused to be called a son of Pharaoh's daughter. We must learn from the experiences of Moses and his preparation to be a deliverer of the Lord's people. The calling of a deliverer is truly a noble one, but is the price one has to pay worth it? Moses did not even know what his full calling was when he was suffering those many years in the desert. He just thought he had failed in his deliverance ministry and that was his lot in life. Moses had to come to the end of his self-life in order to trust God completely. God had a much higher calling on Moses than he could even conceive, and now, he is in glory forever to rule and reign with Christ. Moses was the meekest man that ever lived. Because of this he was also the most powerful man to live, other than Jesus. The word "meek" in the Hebrew means, "to be humble, lowly, and crushed." We can do nothing great for God until we have suffered greatly with Him in His sufferings.


In this wonderful Old Testament recording of Moses, we have a prophetic picture of the sons of God working in league with their elder brother Jesus, just as Moses and Aaron were brothers working together to free Israel from bondage. Aaron was Moses' prophet, just as the church is Jesus' prophet or spokesman. Moses and Aaron were two witnesses in the land of Egypt. Egypt is a type of the world system that is holding many of God's people in bondage to the system of man. It is interesting to note that Aaron's name means, "light-bearer." That is what we are to be in this dark world, "light or truth bearers." Moses was a type of Jesus Christ and Aaron was a type of the church. Did not Jesus say, "Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go to the Father" (John 14:12). Yes, Jesus will do the greater works through His people because He has saved the best wine till last.




God's perfect will for all of His creation is to give them full liberty and freedom from the curse of sin and death. But first, He must have a people completely free from the power of sin and death before they can set others free. Just because we are saved and sanctified by the blood of Jesus does not mean that we are living free from all bondage to sin. In fact, the opposite might be true! While most Christians seem to be in bondage to the same things that the world is, it is even worse because they are in bondage to the traditions of man's religions' doctrines which hinders them from knowing the greater truths of God's word. How can we set other people free from the bondage of sin if we are in bondage to the same thing they are? We cannot! We must be totally set free from all that is binding us; then we will be able set others free! What Jesus said of the Pharisees is true of us today, if we are not walking in the truth. We will fall into the "pit" of religion and once you're in it, it is hard to get out! "Let them alone; they are blind guides of the blind. And if a blind man guides a blind man, both will fall into a pit" (Matthew 15:14 KJV).


Now the question is, how can we be set free from all sin and religion? By denying ourselves, picking up our cross daily and following Jesus, that's how! We are to be walking victoriously through our trials and tribulations without losing heart or fainting. Jesus said in Revelation 3:18 that we are to buy truth from Him through our obedience to His will. We are to pay the price of picking up our cross daily and following Him! The Lord will lead us through many dark and trying days where we will have to completely trust Him and His word to bring us through or we will lose our mind! We will not be able to see the next step in front of us; but this is how the Lord will lead us into His great victories and truths.


The man of sin in us will be overcome and slain, otherwise the word of God would have never proclaimed that there are a people who will be victorious over the beast. "And I saw, as it were, a sea of glass mixed with fire, and those who had come off victorious from the beast and from his image and from the number of his name, standing on the sea of glass, holding harps of God" (Revelation 15:2 NASB). There is a group of people in heaven and in earth who are victorious over the power of the flesh, the devil, and the world; and with the help of God's presence, we will be called the "overcomers!" John wrote of them in 1 John 2:13, "I am writing to you, fathers, because you know Him who has been from the beginning. I am writing to you, young men, because you have overcome the evil one (within and without)The prayer of Jesus is being fulfilled, "… Deliver us from the evil one." Yes, the evil one is the devil. But the evil one is also the seed of Satan that is in us, that wars against us daily. This is the seed of Cain who killed his brother, the righteous one. These two brothers are a natural type of what happened to Adam and Eve spiritually in the Garden of Eden. Satan, who is the aboriginal man of sin, slew the righteous man in Adam. Abel means, "breath." The breath (presence) of God left Adam and Eve when they sinned and lost their fellowship with God. Cain's name means, "to acquire or to take possession of." And this is what Cain did. He took away Abel's life (breath)!


The Cain within us must be slain if we are to be numbered with the overcomers! He is the original man of sin that wants to kill righteous Abel (Jesus) that lives in us. The Apostle John said that Cain was of the evil one, "Not as Cain, who was of the evil one, and slew his brother. And for what reason did he slay him? Because his deeds were evil, and his brother's were righteous (Jesus)" (1 John 3:12 NASB).


We must ask ourselves, why does God allow this world of sin and death to continue? He lets it go on in HOPE! "For the creation was subjected to futility, not of its own will, but because of Him who subjected it, in hope" (Romans 8:20 NASB). Hope for a people that will overcome the enemy within themselves by following His lead and example in the scriptures.




 “And (Jesus) raised us up with Him (in Spirit), and seated us with Him in the heavenly places, in Christ Jesus” (Ephesians 2:6).


There is a people in the earth that will arise into the heavenlies and will overcome this man of sin. The man of sin is the cause of all the world's sin and woes. He is earthy and demonic. He lives and reigns in us if we are living an earth-bound life, only looking to the things of the earth rather than looking above where we are already seated with Christ! "If then you have been raised up with Christ (in the heavenlies), keep seeking the things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth" (Colossians 3:2 NASB). We must arise in the spirit and walk in the heavenlies with Jesus if we are to set all men free. This will take much time and patience on our part to learn to walk in the ways of the Lord, but it will be worth it all in the end! It's much like road construction. At the time they are doing it, it is difficult, but when they are finished, it is well worth it!


For us to live in the heavenlies is similar to the way Jesus lived out of the physical realm and the heavenly realm at the same time. "And no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man which is in heaven" (John 3:13 KJV). Jesus was "in" heaven while He was standing upon the earth! Jesus knew that He must only drink spiritually from His Father, the realm of life. The same can be true of us. When we are saved and filled with the Holy Spirit, we have a direct connection with God in the Spirit and can live out of both realms at the same time, receiving our strength and wisdom from God while we live in the natural. Paul said in Ephesians 2:6,  And (Jesus) raised us up with Him (in Spirit), and seated us with Him in the heavenly places, in Christ Jesus.” Most Christians are waiting to go to heaven when they die. But the truth is, we can have heaven NOW on earth! God's presence is what makes heaven, heaven. “In His presence is fullness of joy!” If God’s presence were not in heaven, it would be like hell no matter how nice it was. For example, movie stars have the best of everything; yet, many of their lives are a living hell because God’s presence is not manifested in their lives. On the other hand you could find a street person living in a cardboard shack with the presence of God and it would be like heaven itself. Why? Because he has learned to live out of the realm of God! If we are going to make it through these days ahead, we too must learned to live out of the Spirit of God, finding our strength and joy from and in Him daily. "But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not carry out the desire of the flesh" (Galatians 5:16).


We must be very careful in our heavenly walk though, for, like Lucifer we too can fall from the heavenlies and forfeit our calling if we are walking after the ways of the flesh. "How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations" (Isaiah 14:12 KJV)! The name Lucifer is Latin, it is not in the Hebrew scriptures; it means, "brightness or the morning-star." It is very closely related to Aaron's name, "light bearer." The name Lucifer is used only one time in the King James Version and many Christians have interpreted him to be Satan before His fall from heaven. This could be true, but I believe that it was Adam who was the "light bearer" for God in the garden of Eden. Before his fall Adam was heavenly minded, but he became earthly minded and a mortal man after his treason against God. As Christians, we are called to have the morning star within us (Jesus)! We are to be "light bearers" or Lucifer's, if you will, in a world of darkness. Jesus said in Revelation 2:28 that He will give us the morning star (Lucifer).  I know that this will make many people very uncomfortable, but it is the truth!


We must learn to put on the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and walk in His brightness/likeness. The word is our garment of light that will set us free and make us like Him. "Bless the LORD, O my soul! O LORD my God, Thou art very great; Thou art clothed with splendor and majesty, covering Thyself with light as with a cloak, stretching out heaven like a tent curtain" (Psalms 104:1-2 NASB).


The enemy of our soul wants to cast us to the earth so that we become worldly minded, rather than being heavenly minded. Revelation 12:4 says, “And his (Satan's) tail (lies) swept away a third of the stars (sons) of heaven, and threw them to the earth…” Satan's "tail" is his "long tales," his lies and deceptions that he uses to deceive mankind. The true servants of God are the "stars" that Satan is trying to cast down to the earth so that they will become earthly minded. "…The seven stars are the angels (messengers) of the seven churches…” (Revelation 1:20). Even though we are called to be God’s shinning stars, many are falling from being heavenly minded. Their love for the world is growing more and more with the passing of every day while their love for God is growing cold. "Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold" (Matthew 24:12 NIV). We must be on guard for this attack from the enemy!


I had a dream that I was flying in a hot air balloon fit for one person. I was flying nicely through the air, when all at once the air pressure was pushing me back down. I tried to go back up but got caught in the highline wires. I had to untangle myself while fighting the air pressure that was trying to grounded me. Then, I found myself in a large building in the hot air balloon. The building was old and dirty and I saw homeless people sleeping on the floor. When they woke up they were angry with me because I was trying to help them. I then flew out the door in my balloon and one of them cut it, but I was still able to fly away.


This is my interpretation: when we are to fly in the heavenlies with Jesus, demonic activity is all around us. The enemy is the god of the air (power in the air) and he puts pressures on us to keep us earthly minded and bound to this world. If we try to rise up in faith, he entangles us with HIGHLINE distractions, (things that seem important). "Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God" (Hebrews 12:1-2 NIV). The building was a place of depression and spiritual poverty, but when I escaped, the enemy came after me to destroy my faith so that I could not rise again. But, I did! The Lord is showing us that we must keep the flames of the Holy Spirit burning in us so that we can keep our hot air balloon flying high in the heavenlies with Jesus! If we are going to come up into the high places that God has for us in the spirit we have to set our goal (sights) on it, (the fullness of God)! No one ever hit a goal without aiming for it! We must go higher into the things of God if we are going to become like Him!