By Dan Luehrs


Unless we have a goal or a vision for our future we can never run toward it. If we do not have a goal to graduate from school and to make something of our life we will stay living on our moms couch eating potato chips for the rest of our life. God has given us a high calling and goal to shoot for with our lives here on earth and to have vision into the coming kingdom of God on earth. Now we must prepare ourselves for this kingdom with power that will be displayed through us, His body. This work of preparation cannot be taken lightly by us if we want to be used in this next great move of God.  

The Lord awakened me one morning and said, “Christlikeness is possible in your lifetime upon the earth, now is the time that I am releasing grace for this.”

My question to God was, “How do I receive this grace for Christlikeness?” The answer came quickly, “By seeing it by faith, for if you can see it you can have it!” Is this not how we receive everything in our spiritual life? Everything we have ever received from God is by faith. Christians believe for many things through their faith, but how many of us are believing to become like Jesus through faith? I think most of us are just believing that God will do this just by our living and breathing and going to church every Sunday. But that is just not the case, God is looking for willing participants in this walk of faith to agree with Him for Christlikeness in all areas of our life.

The question we should have is this. When will we know when we have arrived at Christlikeness? The answer is when we are walking, talking and doing the works of Jesus through His love.

There is one verse keeps coming to me, Titus 2:11-14 NAS.

“For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation to all men, instructing us to deny ungodliness and worldly desires and to live sensibly, righteously and godly in the present age, looking for the blessed hope and the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior, Christ Jesus, who gave Himself for us to redeem us from every lawless deed, and to purify for Himself a people for His own possession, zealous for good deeds.”

The word salvation means, to be delivered, health, prosperity, and being changed from our old life. God’s grace has done this for us and all we have to do is receive it by faith just as we did when we were first were saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. God would not tell us to do something if He did not give us the grace to do it. What could we possibly do for His kingdom unless He gives us the grace [power] to walk it out? Christlikeness is possible for us because Jesus lives in us and we have the Helper [Holy Spirit] to guide is into all truth. What we have to do is quit making excuses for ourselves and for others. As my mom used to say, “Danny buckle down and just do it!” I think she beat Nike to this saying! Now God is saying to us. We must trust Him to bring Christlikeness to pass in and through us, yet He awaits us to give Him permission to do so. Prayer, Please God give us this grace and desire to see Your great goal fulfilled in our lives!


Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ Eph 1:3 (NASU).

The true church of Jesus is coming into the greatest blessings the world has ever seen. The nations are soon going to be coming to the church for wisdom and understanding in our times. The wisdom of the greater Solomon is going to be expressed through a body of believer’s that will stun the world and glorify Jesus Christ. Because we are going to be walking in full Christlikeness.

Great waves of tribulation have already begun to sweep over the earth causing many to wonder what is taking place in the earth. Mountains are shaking and collapsing upon people, jets are disappearing into the ocean taking hundreds to their deaths. Governments, corporations, and financial systems are shaking and collapsing in our times with many more to follow.

Now this, "Yet once more," indicates the removal of those things that are being shaken, as of things that are made, that the things which cannot be shaken may remain. Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom which cannot be shaken, let us have grace, by which we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear. For our God is a consuming fire. Heb 12:27-29 (NKJV)

Everything that is not built upon the kingdom of God will collapse and go back into the earth where it came from, because it is earthly and is not built on spiritual truth that Jesus is. Everything in our lives and in the lives of every person on the planet will go through a great shaking of what we are built upon, until our foundation is built on Christlikeness.


Through all that is happening and will happen on the earth we must keep our focus and trust in Jesus or we will also be washed away in the evil floods that are coming. Our flesh will want to quit the fight and lay down and die, but our spirit man will arise at this time with great strength even surprising our self with what God has wrought in and through us.

We have all heard of retirement, the act of quitting ones job or career at a certain age to do what they want with their time and money saved. Although many people get to the age of retirement and find that they do not have enough money saved up and have to keep working part-time to supplement their social security. For most elderly people their retirement years are not what they had hoped for all their working lives because of sickness, debt, or loss of a loved one. In fact studies have shown many retirees are depressed over how their lives have turned out and have one of the highest suicide rates of all age groups. This should not be, but because of loss of vision for their lives they have all but given up that things should get any better and hope to die. When there is purpose, love for life, and vision is regained they once again spring back with vibrancy wanting to give back to the younger generation all that they have received in their life-time. Our elderly are like walking encyclopedia’s with knowledge ready to be tapped into by a younger generation.

Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he. Prov 29:18 (KJV)

This is where true spiritual refirement comes in with vision! Without the Lord in our lives there is no true revelation to see what God has for all the stages in our lives and for the earth as a whole. Getting old and having to rely on others does not sound to inviting to me, but if we can see with the eyes of our spirit we will be able to rise above all that the Lord has for us despite all our aliments and short comings.  Vision is first to see God as He is in our life, then we will be able to see through His eyes to all that He has for us and our loved ones, then we will be able help others also and intercede for them.

Spiritual refirement is attained when we can see clearly and have hope for our future and the future of the earth.  Right now the earth does not seem to shine much with hope, because there is little vision in the earth. But those who can see with the eyes of their understanding can truly see the coming of the kingdom of God that will soon rule the earth and set it free through Christlikeness. This is called Sonship fulfilled in the earth so that all may come to Jesus and be changed into the glory of God.


But they have not all obeyed the gospel. For Esaias saith, Lord, who hath believed our report? Rom 10:16 (KJV)

The Lord said to me, “Who are you going to believe? Since you were young the enemy has been telling you that you are stupid, ugly, and no one likes you. But the truth of the matter is you are not dumb and ugly! In fact you’re quite smart and some people do like you and you have done some pretty amazing things in life. Everything the accuser of the brethren has spoken to you as been the opposite of the truth!”

But now that you have become a Christian the enemy’s lies have continued and you still have believed his lies when he says that you’re not good enough to become like Jesus. “But I tell you that you can become like Jesus!” When you begin to look at yourself and your own short comings you are listening to the voice of the enemy and not what My word says about you. My word says, “Looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith…” Heb 12:2 (ESV)

"Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.” Take My yoke upon you and [learn from Me], for I am gentle and humble in heart, and YOU WILL FIND REST FOR YOUR SOULS. "For My yoke is easy and My burden is light." Matt 11:28-30 (NAS)

What Jesus is saying to us is this, “Learn from Me don’t sweat the small stuff because I will not put any more on you than you can carry in this life! Look to Me, I started your faith to follow Me and I will bring it to fulfillment if you keep your eyes and heart are on Me.”

Every time we give into our flesh the enemy is saying, “See I told you that you cannot become like Jesus!” That’s when we get our eyes off of Jesus and on to ourselves becoming more unstable in our walk with less confidence on reaching the goal of the high calling. What we are saying to God when we choose to go our own way is, I’m not willing to pay the price in becoming like Jesus. Our eyes have to get off of our circumstances to follow Jesus and not the leading of our flesh. Whenever we say to ourselves that we cannot become like Jesus we are agreeing with the enemy and are becoming less then we were created to be.


"He who eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up on the last day. John 6:54 (NASU)

Four times in John 6:39, 40, 44, and 54, Jesus said that He would raise us up in the last day. Just what does He mean by “Raising us up?” I know there are many in the church that would say, “Well that is easy, it means He is going to rapture us out of here in the last day.”

I believe that the last day is the time that we are now living in. This is the day or should I say days before the coming of the Lord when sin and darkness are abounding all around us and it seems as if the kingdom of God is faltering on all accounts. This is a day when people are more earthly minded and not spiritually minded at all, even in the church! Yet Jesus has promised to raise us up above all the worldly fray if we will come to Him each and every day. As Christians we are a heavenly people that dwell in heavenly or spiritual places in Christ Jesus. Simply put, because Jesus is in us by His Spirit and we are in Him where He is. And where is He? Sitting at the Fathers right hand. This means that we are there right now in the heavenlies with Him and yet most Christians don’t even know it!

Jesus promised to raise us up above all the darkness that is taking place on earth, yet how many of us are claiming this promise before the Lord today? Say to Jesus right now, “Jesus you said you would raise me above all this garbage that is taking place on earth to be with you in Spirit. Right now in faith teach me how to dwell in spiritual places with you that I may have your joy, peace and strength in all that I am going through and yet have to go through.”


"He who eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up on the last day. John 6:54 (NASU)

In order for us to be raised up with Him in Spirit daily we must we must eat His flesh and drink His blood. Many people stopped following Jesus because of this very statement, even today most will not follow Him because of this one thing. It all comes down to what we are eating spiritually.

The whole of chapter 6 has to do with eating. A large crowd was following Jesus because of the signs and wonders He was preforming and they were becoming hungry and there were no restaurants to feed them. So Jesus tested His disciples as how to do to feed 5000 people when they were hungry naturally and spiritually.

Most of us have read these verses for years but have missed what this story is really all about. Yes Jesus preformed an awesome miracle by feeding this many people, but the central fact of the story is that Jesus is [the Bread of life] and not the loaves and fishes that they ate naturally. “I am the bread of life.” John 6:48 Until we have seen Jesus as our very life substance we have not really seen Who He is.

As for me I do not do very well in my day unless I spend time with Jesus in the morning. Most days I go into my study and He is already waiting for me. If I linger to long before the TV or on the internet I begin to feel His wooing me into my study to just sit in His presence and fellowship with Him while I eat and drink of His Spirit. Revelation 3:20 is a key verse to help us understand how much He is wanting to fellowship with us.

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and will dine with him, and he with Me.” 

One of the greatest regrets of people who go to heaven when they die is, how they did not give the Lord His dew time in daily fellowship when He went to the cross for this very thing, so that we could communion together. The pain of what they did to Him because of their own selfishness is a pain that I do not want to endure. Yet if the average Christian would realize what they are missing and have missed most of their lives will be the greatest regret of their time on earth. Please God help us to come to you daily!

Jesus said in John 6:56 "He who eats My flesh and drinks My blood abides in Me, and I in him.” This is our answer on how to stay feeling alive! It not in drugs, alcohol, sex or making money. Life is about eating and drinking in the life of Jesus, this is how we stay abiding in Jesus! How many times a day do you eat and drink natural food? That is how many times we should be eating and drinking of Christ in our everyday. You might say, “I don’t have the time!” You make time to eat and drink for your physical body, how much more important is your spirit man? We make priorities in our life and if God is not our number one priority we will not be a strong Christian. We will not be able make it through what is about to come to the earth in these great times of testing.

His very presence is the life that we all need to have joy, peace, and strength in life. Jesus said that His words are spirit and they are life to us. This is why we must spend time in His word and presence for us to grow into what He has called us to be. Which is to be like Him.

It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing; the words that I have spoken to you are spirit and are life. John 6:63 (NAS)

The Holy Spirit feeds us the flesh and blood of Jesus! This is why we must spend time soaking in His presence daily just as you have to plug in your cell phone for several hours a day, so you must plug into God to get charged up with the life of God! If your desire is to sit on His throne in glory with Jesus there is no other way for us to reach the goal of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus, unless we take time to soak up the Lord’s presence and word daily.

We must see the goal of the high calling with the eyes of our spirit if we are to run after it. I see us Christian’s in a dichotomy. If we choose not to go forward into Christlikeness we have already made up our mind that we will digress back to where we came from spiritually. I know a little bit about pulling weeds in flower beds. I have found that if one weed do’s not come up another one will with the vacuum of the earth just waiting to have something planted in it. Our heart is the same way, it is a garden and if we do not fill it with God’s word and Spirit it will be filled with something. And that something will be of the world and not of God. We must keep fighting our way into the kingdom everyday if we are going to gain the high calling of God.

Dan Luehrs

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